4 aprile 2019:delegazione IN.N.E.R. visita il territorio di Vouzela e Oliveira dé Frades

Lafões is a territory in the centre of Portugal. It corresponds approximately to the municipalities of São Pedro do Sul, Vouzela and Oliveira de Frades.

Programme of the visit:

9am – Meeting Point – Vouzela City Hall
9h30 – Visit of 2 to 3 organic farms (strawberry grower, vegetable grower, blueberry grower, veal grower of Lafões, PGI) in the municipality of Vouzela, with the participation of the Presidente da Câmara: Rui Miguel Ladeira Pereira.

10h45 – Visit of 2 organic farms in the municipality of Oliveira de Frades, with the participation of the
Presidente da Câmara:Paulo Manuel Robalo da Silva Ferreira.

12h – Lunch and exchange of ideas.

With the participation of: AEL (Business Association of Lafões), the ADRL (Association of Rural Development of Lafões) and the Cooperative 3 Serras.

Thanks to João Caseiro – Técnico Superior – Médico veterinário and to the other participants to the visit.